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About us

UAB "RINANDA" specializing in metal processing as a manufacturer of highly sophisticated units, individual and complete machines, devices and tools offers subcontracting and manufacturing services to companies in Lithuania. The company has modern equipment and can offer quality services for competitive price.

UAB "RINANDA" is situated in Lithuania, 10 km from the Vilnius. Our company processing CNC machines in 80% of all metalworking process. Our depot is 655 m2, from which the industrial area is 530 m2, the office area is 125 m2.

Our equipments:

·         CNC - cutting/ bending/forming sheet metal (thickness up to 10 mm, length up to 3000 mm);

·         plasma gas cutting (table 3000x2000, plasma cut up to 20 mm, gas cut up to 120 mm);

·         cutting beams, bars, tubes, other sections ( up to Ø330 mm / 60°);

·         stamping (up to 80 tons);

·         metal working (turning, grinding, milling, drilling, screwing);

·         welding (steel, aluminum, stainless steel) and offers subcontracting or reciprocal production.

·         work in size tolerance range: IT 7

We are manufacturing high sophisticated units, individual (complete) machine and we specialized in device manufacture and tool manufacture. Main production area at this moment based on produce components of control tools for railway infrastructure.

We would like to find international partners to establish manufacturing agreements for their products and offering capacity in form of subcontracting activities. We prefer cooperation with companys from European Union.